Wooden Blinds

Why Choose Wooden Blinds?

Wooden Blinds are currently the second most popular selling blind as many people appreciate a natural appearance they give to their home.

Check out wooden Venetian blinds for a sophisticated and flexible way to give a natural and warm look to your home. Using wood blinds to dress your windows provides a solid presence and offers a warm and pleasant natural beauty. This creates striking effects in both a conventional or modern setting.

Wood blinds produce a very minimalistic and crisp look in a conservatory setting and can enhance the effect of wooden floors in any room. They can offer total privacy in the home without reducing the control of light to create many different moods.

Wooden Venetians come in lots of shades and various slat size options to achieve a superb match in any location.

Pros – Wooden Blinds

  • Great selection of colours and slat sizes.
  • Can protect privacy but still allow for light to enter.
  • A range of different varieties to meet your budget.
  • Quality with real wood.

There are a wide selection of wooden venetian blinds suitable for all pockets and choices that include new functions like the ‘easi-lift’ system. As wood can be fairly heavy, this makes sure your wooden blinds glide up and down effortlessly.

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