Venetian Blinds

Why Choose Venetian Blinds?

Venetian Blinds come in several slat sizes to provide you with the look you want for your décor and are very light to manoeuvre. They are more often than not a good option in a number of applications mainly because you still get clean lines and a contemporary feel, but retain the flexibility to manage the light entering a room.

Venetian blinds: Metal

Metal venetian blinds are not just fashionable but also functional, providing privacy but with the ability to also filter light or almost entirely block light from entering through the window. Operation of the blind is light and easy to do and is achieved using a combination of the ’tilt control wand’ and the raise and lower ‘pull cords’, offering you the ability to adjust the slats to give the right light conditions. Venetians provide you with a sophisticated and fashionable window covering solution. Their simple design makes them stylish but with an up-to-date contemporary uncluttered feel, combined with versatility and functionality.

Venetian Blinds With Colour

Venetians are available today in a number of finishes. For example: plain ‘matt’, stunning ‘pearlescent’, smooth soft ’sheen’ and striking ‘gloss’ giving numerous distinct colour finish variations. There is an extensive colour range to choose from including brilliant white to dark greys and blacks, to intense rich purples and oranges but also include soothing pastels and natural tones.

Special finishes may be offered in some manufacturers specialist collections with perforated, chromes and wood effects to name but a few. However special your requirements are and whatever the room: office, bedroom, lounge ..… there are venetian blinds to fulfill your colour and finish needs.

Pros – Venetian Blinds
  • Incredibly light and trouble-free to operate.
  • Contemporary finish.
  • Extensive range of colours and slat sizes.
  • Can maintain privacy but still permit sunlight to enter.
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